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Business Service Level Agreement

Site availability is determined by the availability the clients site contents by third parties via HTTP. Availability percentage is calculated over a 30 day period by Binasys.

  1. Service level

    It is our goal to provide 100% site availability for our customers. Site availabilty of less than 99.5%, subject to this agreement, entitles the customer to a percentage refund of their monthly fee as follows:

    Site Availability Refund Percentage
    99.5% to 100%
    98% to 99.4%
    95% to 97.9%
    90% to 94.9%
    89.9% or below

  2. Exceptions

    1. Scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance and upgrades.

    2. Circumstances beyond Binasys' reasonable control.

    3. False outage reports due to software/off-network problems.

    4. Outages elsewhere on the Internet not under Binasys' control.

    5. Customers in breach of our Terms Of Service.

  3. Refund requests

    To receive a refund, the customer must get in contact with us via email or the helpdesk within 10 days of any outage. The customer must include dates and times when their site was unavailable. On confirmation by Binasys, customer will receive the refund at the end of the 30 day period.

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